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$(TYPE) $ & Python 2 If you really need to set the PATH in an environment variable (which is a bit of a hack), try: PYTHONHOME="/path/to/python" export PATH="$PYTHONHOME:$PATH" A: You can add some arguments to your script and then you can start it with: python./ --user-name="superuser" --pass-secret="pass123" --value="7" By using the -- instead of -, you avoid your script (and the execution command line) to be started. Alternatively, use the following trick: If you don't want to change the arguemts of the script, use this trick: "$@" After that, you can start it from the command line with: python arg1 arg2 arg3 (note the double quotes) More informations about how to handle arguments here. In vitro corrosion behaviour of Ti-6Al-4V alloy with oxygenated NaOH solutions. This study examines the electrochemical corrosion behaviour of Ti-6Al-4V alloy in NaOH solutions with and without previous heat treatment. Two groups of samples were prepared by machining the cast alloy block and polishing the samples to a mirror-like surface, where the final surface areas were measured. The samples were machined in a lathe and mirror-polished with diamond paste using an ultramat plan polishing machine. Group I was machined and polished without heat treatment, whereas group II was machined and polished after a heat treatment. Samples were corroded in solutions of different concentrations of NaOH, H2O2 and HCl. The electrochemical corrosion behaviour of the samples was determined using potentiodynamic polarization, electrochemical impedance spectroscopy and open circuit potential measurements. These results were compared with those obtained using chemically pure Ti-6Al-4V. The electrochemical results showed that the corrosion behaviour of Ti-6Al-4V in NaOH solutions is not uniform but has a cyclic character. Cyclic potentiodynamic polarization curves at the material surface were found in all solutions. All electrochemical parameters at the beginning of the corrosion process showed lower values for group II than group I. At the end of the corrosion process, group II showed higher values for all






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